Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I've been pretty scattered the last couple of weeks. Here are the highlights:
At home.

Away from home.

From Alabama to Enid, Oklahoma to Wilmington, North Carolina and back again in one week.

Saw this in OK. Oh, phooey! I forgot to turn this picture over and now I don't know how! Sorry!

Saw this in Wilmington. I know, I know, reeeaally bad picture through the windshield. But hey, you saw the itinerary, no time for proper picture taking.

(It's a battleship.)

Saw this on the way home. I bet they have a full bath in there. Maybe a hot tub too.

We got home just in time for this.

This is the annual "Thunder on the Mountain" fireworks display over the statue of Vulcan on Red Mountain in Birmingham, AL. We hadn't been in the last couple of years, but my older daughter lives on a street right under Vulcan, so we sat on her front steps to watch. Fun!

Oh, and I thought I'd show that not all of my garden critters are scary.

Cute, huh?