Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A lovely, productive weekend

We spent the weekend at a lovely cabin in the mountains at Mentone, AL. My father-in-law bought a house with property up there and built a few cabins and some "bunkhouse" rooms off the main house. One cabin looks like a barn, one looks like a church, and two are just cabins.

The first two pictures are in the main room of the main house. My darling daughter is sleeping on the sofa because there are no televisions in the "bunkhouse" rooms. There is a massive fireplace just out of view on the left of the first pic. The blanket on the floor is for our dog.

The third pic is the view from the bed I woke up in, in one of the "bunkhouse" rooms. You see why I keep putting "bunkhouse" in quotation marks. The rooms are furnished in a not-so -rustic style. The word bunkhouse doesn't really seem to fit.

Last is a pic of the true nature of our visit. We were loading up the old kitchen cabinets that were being torn out for the remodel of the main house kitchen. I am so looking forward to having cabinetry in my kitchen.
To be continued.........

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hope Springs Eternal


Eternally hoping for Spring......Hoping for eternal Spring.....Oh, sorry. Rambling.

It's just that I'm so giddy. He did it! My dear, kind, thoughtful husband finally got the tractor to wake from her long Winter's nap and tilled my garden spot. What a rush! All the sins of last season wiped away! Hmmm....I must try to make the very best of my fresh start.
What service! He fumigated it too! Poor tractor needs attention. Is the garden still organic?

By the way, THAT friends and neighbors, is a tiller.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Just a reminder...

to myself really. We do actually make progress here. The first picture shows how overgrown and shaggy this side of the property was when we got it. (although, it was taken before all the vines and brambles had started to green up in the Spring) The shadow line in the center of the picture is as far as you could walk. We didn't even know what the rest of it looked like until we started getting it cleared.
If you look closely at the "after" picture, you'll see the pond area at the back. Close ups can be seen of that area in my post about tractors.

Anyway, we just need to remember to give ourselves credit sometimes. But, by no means does this mean we are going to rest on our laurels and stagnate in a pool (or pond)0f self congratulation! No! We will press on with renewed hope for further and greater accomplishment! With that in mind, tomorrow my DH has promised to till my garden. Yay! I just love new beginnings, don't you?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let's just pretend I haven't been absent for 6 months

When I started this blog last year, I envisioned wonderful, witty, fascinating posts flowing daily from my keyboard. Didn't so much happen, did it? Oh well, as I always say, "so what?". It's a whole other year now so let's move along.

Things I Want To Accomplish This Year

1. Actually plant my garden. (so that I have something to photograph and blog about)(obviously that's not the only reason:feed my family, save money,etc.)

2.Finish the @#$% bathroom. (wanting a sink in the bathroom doesn't make me high maintenance does it?) At least it doesn't look like this anymore.