Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let's just pretend I haven't been absent for 6 months

When I started this blog last year, I envisioned wonderful, witty, fascinating posts flowing daily from my keyboard. Didn't so much happen, did it? Oh well, as I always say, "so what?". It's a whole other year now so let's move along.

Things I Want To Accomplish This Year

1. Actually plant my garden. (so that I have something to photograph and blog about)(obviously that's not the only reason:feed my family, save money,etc.)

2.Finish the @#$% bathroom. (wanting a sink in the bathroom doesn't make me high maintenance does it?) At least it doesn't look like this anymore.


mountainmelody said...

I always imagine posting amazingly witty things, but usually I'm too tired or too dull and end up just posting pictures. :) Oh well--some update is better than no update, right?

countrypeapie said...

Oh, good! I've been checking your blog off and on for a while and was excited to see a new post. I can relate to the bathroom remodel. Seems the mind follows the same path as the materials: torn apart and scattered, teetering between broken down and fixed up, put together but for the details, and, finally, comfortable and functional. (Except, in my case anyway, both mind and materials tend to hang out in the put together but for the details stage.)

Anonymous said...

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