Sunday, June 15, 2008

Can ya dig?

My super cool neighbor chick posted about needing a tractor and since I can relate to that, I thought I'd share some of our tractor history. We talked about needing a tractor for about 2 years before we actually got one. This is my husband on our first tractor, a 194?(or was it 195?) Ford Workmaster.

This served us well until we(read he) broke the axle. We found a neat old guy who fixes and sells old tractors and he gave us a good trade value for a very slightly less antique International Harvester B-275. I can't seem to find a pic of that one. We are still using it 2 years later, although there is a laundry list of things it needs(tires, brakes, you know, nothing very essential). I really wish I could find the pic of our daughter driving the Ford. She was about 14 and Dad taught her to drive it. And let her drive it! Freaked me out a little but it really was cool.

Last summer we decided that this spot needed to have a pond.

So we did what any"normal" person would do, we rented a backhoe. Now mind you, it had not rained at all for about 2-3 months. Perfect time to dig, says we.

Quiz: How do you break a record drought? Why just rent heavy equipment for the weekend, of course! It started drizzling immediately upon delivery and did not stop all weekend. By the way, this was at the end of the week that the Governor of Alabama had declared a "week of prayer" for rain. It was awsome timing in that regard, but I was still a little irked.

That's me in the blue raincoat being irked and supervisory all at the same time.

I'll put up recent pictures soon (I'll have to take some).

Oooh, know what you get when you get a pond?

TADPOLES! Lots of tadpoles.


edifice rex said...

Hey! "Super cool neighbor chick", that's me I guess!! lol! One of the nicer things I've been called. Great tractor btw. Ya'll would like to see Oliver. That's Allen's '52 tractor.

molly said...

Hi Shannon, the picture of the pond in the making is gorgeous, but I have to ask as an aussie who would only find roos (kangaroos) and snakes in our there bears in those woods?


Shannon said...

Yup, that's you! I have seen Oliver as a matter of fact. A couple of weeks ago a bearded fella(Allen I presume) was doing something at the end of your driveway as we were driving by. Sweet! The tractor that is. Maybe the guy too, I really don't know.

Hey there Molly! I can't stop giggling at the thought of kangaroos in the woods...but, no, there are no bears in these here woods. Just deer, raccoons, possums(hey that one is a marsupial), a variety of birds, squirrels, and rabbits. Oh, and snakes too. There have been reports of mountain lions in the area over the years. But state officials say there aren't any, so there must not be. I have a deep seated need to believe them.

The Country Experience said...

Ooh, I'll bet that pond is quite full now after all the rain we've had lately!