Friday, April 24, 2009

What Was That?!

Tuesday morning after removing and patching the tractor tire, Hubby was going to start her up and was quite startled by the frantic flutter of a bird as he lifted the hood. Mama bird took off so fast we couldn't tell what kind she was.

These are the clues she left behind.

Our research indicates Nuthatch or Chickadee. Maybe.

I don't know if these pictures are "clickable", but if they are you can see details like the two different colors of horse hair in the back of the nest.

Sadly,of course, we had to move the nest. We put it in the cavity of a concrete block and set it about the same height off the ground and in the same area. This really is much sturdier than it looks.

I'm afraid that it didn't work though, we haven't seen any bird activity in the area since then.

That is my garden in the background. (and my horse) Garden posts to come. Stay tuned.


countrypeapie said...

Sweet nest -- unfortunate location. Looking forward to the garden posts!

The Country Experience said...