Friday, April 24, 2009


OK, here is a tiny piece of my garden. It is about4x8 and contains some radishes and carrots as well as the peas starting up the back and the parsley spilling over the front.

I started out planting the radishes and carrots in rows.....

but I got tired of that tedium pretty quickly, and went with a more "try to scatter 'em fairly evenly" method.

They look like they aren't going to wait to be pulled, like they will just hop on up out of the ground right now thank you very much.

First harvest of the season!

They clean up well, don't they?
Oh, here I go again with teasers in the background. That is our new puppy wondering if maybe those are for her.

No, they are definitely not.


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The Country Experience said...

What a pretty baby!

Those radishes don't look bad, either, lol.