Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gray Rat Snake

First, let me say that I truly love living in the country. That said, I do NOT love everything about it. For example...

My daughter opened the back door and said in a surprised tone of voice " oh...hello", then she turned to me and said "gimme the camera gimme the camera gimme the camera". I figured the cat was doing something particularly cute, but no....

She is standing in the doorway here. That is the doormat. Yes, there by the SNAKE.
I'm sure he's very helpful, but, ICK. This is closer than I'm really comfortable with.

She then proceeded to STEP OVER it for more pictures.

You can really see how long it is if you click this pic.



countrypeapie said...

Oh my. I am very impressed by your daughter's reaction -- I would have screamed and slammed the door!

mountainmelody said...