Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I REALLY needed that!

NOTE-Blogger likes to underline and color my text. I gave up repeatedly fixing it so it's kinda random.

What a glorious day! Warm. Sunny. Exactly what I needed. I spent the entire afternoon in the garden pulling weeds and generally tidying up. The kids ran around and played and got dirty just like kids lucky enough to live in the country ought to. My favorite was either when they were climbing on the hay ring like it was jungle gym crowing like roosters at the top of their lungs, or when Emily was walking around carrying and talking to the big snail I found.


mountainmelody said...

I love a good day in the country! :)

Shannon said...

Hi Melody! I'm just so tickled you stopped by!

Patsy said...

It's like The Sound of Music all over again. Without the nazis.