Saturday, January 2, 2010


The one thing that occurred during the last six months or so that I really must mention is that the grandbabies are living with us full time for now. So, things are a little different but we will make the most of the situation, of course. Just goes to show--when men make plans, God laughs.

Can you believe I got this silk kimono for a dollar at a thrift store?!?

My Mom and I and Charlotte (but mostly Mom) built this awesome dollhouse for Emily. (Look for more on that project at a later date, probably here and on Mom's blog).
Elijah got this really cool castle with some knights and dragons. (thank you Craigslist) All in all it was a nice, somewhat medieval Christmas. Whoo hoo! Big New Years Eve at our little homestead. Cool it ya'll before somebody calls the cops!

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Patsy said...

I finally got around to posting and I couldn't believe it when I saw you had finally updated too! Not once but 3 times! I'm impressed. Great posts.